There are many wildlife creatures that can be found causing problems in urban and suburban areas and one of the most troublesome animals is the raccoon. Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that can grow on average to be 2-3 feet long, 12 inches tall, and weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. They tend to raid trash cans and gardens and can even find their way into a home where they can cause property damage and pose health threats such as rabies. Groen’s Wildlife Services provides raccoon removal to Northwest Indiana and the Chicago suburbs to remove a raccoon from your home or property as well as exclusion services to keep them out. Our professional staff is state licensed and state certified to safely and effectively remove raccoons from your property.

Basic Raccoon Information

Raccoons can be easily identified by their striped tail and black fur around their eyes and they are found in most regions of the United States except the Rocky Mountains and parts of the southwest. They tend to live in wooded areas where they may make their homes in hollow trees, rock dens, brush piles, abandoned burrows, or haystacks but they have been becoming more present in suburbs and cities where they may find shelter in a home or building. Raccoons commonly eat fruit, nuts, and insects and will also dig through trash or eat pet food.

Raccoons are mostly nocturnal animals and they are solitary except for mothers with their young. Their mating season is January through March and they give birth to their young during the spring months. They can be rather difficult animals to trap or remove which is why it is recommended to contact Groen’s Wildlife Services to remove troublesome raccoons.

You can help avoid problems from raccoons by following these tips:

• Keep all pet food secured in a safe area.
• Put a cap over the opening of the chimney.
• Keep the number of bird feeders in your yard low.
• Keep your trash cans secure and only put them out on trash day.
• Make sure to clean up your property.
• Keep trees and limbs trimmed away from your home.
• Do not feed raccoons.
• Trim weeds and shrubs on your property.
• Keep your property clear of items such as boxes, wood piles, and trash piles that attract raccoons.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons become a serious problem for homeowners when they raid yards or homes and they may find shelter in chimneys, basements, attics, and spaces between walls. They can be heard during the night or early morning hours scratching around and they often damage drywall and insulation which could be a sign of their presence. The professionals of Groen’s Wildlife Services can safely trap and
remove raccoons without using poisons and we can also repair or replace areas that have been damaged and clean up their feces. Once the animal is removed, we provide deodorization services and employ exclusion methods to prevent future raccoon infestations.

Contact Groen’s Wildlife Services at 219.678.2816 for raccoon removal in Northwest Indiana or the Chicago suburbs. Our wildlife professionals are state certified and insured to effectively remove raccoons from your property.